4-week Email Marketing Intensive for Yoga Teachers

Designed to help you stop relying on social media, start growing your thriving email list, and feel confident providing value to your audience via email

  • Live call replays

    Replays from the live workshops hosted by Meg & Stephanie to walk you through how to set up your email list, fill it with dream clients, and know exactly what to send to your list

  • Tutorials & PDF Materials

    You will walk away with a library of resources on growing your email list, templates for your email sequences, and examples of welcome sequences & subject lines to reference

  • Office Hour Replays from Questions Asked

    Be a fly on the wall for the office hours that were hosted during the live round of Email Marketing Magic!

What is covered?

This program is a deep dive into utilizing email marketing to engage your community, enroll more students into your offerings, and systemize your business to work for you as you take more time off.

  • How to grow your email list consistently with dream clients (even if you're starting from 0 subscribers)

  • How to avoid the biggest (and most common) email marketing mistakes

  • How to automate a welcome sequence and know exactly what to send to your audience

  • Learn simple, easy methods to get your emails opened & read by your dream clients

Get it for half the price!

The full price of Email Marketing Magic is $222 but (for a limited time) we are offering the replays at 50% off!

Did you know that email marketing is 10x more effective than social media marketing?

Stop relying soley on social media for new clients and learn to leverage email marketing this spring

This course is for you when...

  • You're ready to master email marketing and fill up your offers simply & easily

  • You desire a community & connection with other yoga teachers and entrepreneurs

  • You know you are ready to step up your marketing & reach more students

Bonus material

As soon as you sign up, you will have access to bonus material so you can dive right in and start learning

  • Templates for Emails Your Audience Will Happily Open

    We love templates because why reinvent the wheel over and over again? We have put together some templates and email structures for you to take and mold to your own brand and brand voice.

  • Setting up Your Email List & Creating Landing Pages

    Raise your hand if you have the tech scaries! Don't worry, we have step-by-step tutorials for you to get your email list set up and start creating opt-in pages for you audience to hop onto your list.

  • Cheat sheet to Get Your Emails Opened

    What's the secret to getting more of your emails opened by your list? We've put together a few simple, easy tips & tricks we've learned over the years for more eyeballs on your emails.

More Bonuses!

  • 3 Must-Have's for Every Email You Send

    Who loves a good checklist? We've put together 3 must-haves for every email you send - great for creating templates so you never have to write an email from scratch!

  • Power Words to Yoga Teachers to Use in Copy

    Check out a few words that will supercharge your copy and stand out to your students! We've put together a library of words and phrases to check out as you write your emails.

  • Subject Line Examples for a Higher Open Rate

    What's the first thing people see when you send them an email? The subject line! Subject lines matter but don't worry, we have plenty of examples for you to take with you as you start sending emails to your list.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is this for me even if I don't have an email list yet?

    Yes, this course is beginner-friendly. We will cover everything from setting up your email list to consistently filling it up with dream students.

  • I don't have any paid offerings yet, do I need an email list?

    Email marketing is the most reliable marketing strategy, even if you're not selling anything yet! We will teach you to use email to build a community with your students, not just sell to them.

Ready to step up your email marketing strategy?

Stop relying soley on social media for new clients and learn to leverage email marketing this spring

Complete start-to-finish email marketing course for $222! (limited time offer)

Sign up today and work through the material on your own.