Yoga Biz Accelerator VIP Plan

Congrats! You're on your way to growing the yoga business of your dreams. The Yoga Biz Accelerator is a space for yoga teachers to grow a sustainable and fulfilling business that suits their lifestyle and goals. Here's what you get inside YBA:

  • 1:1 support from 3 experienced coaches for 12 weeks via the Voxer app

  • 3 months of weekly live workshops, office hours, & mindset coaching to get incredible clear on your business activities

  • Community of other yoga teachers moving through the same business journey as you, facing similar struggles

  • Library of incredble resources and support to create your dream offers, build systems for attracting new students, and learning & implementing marketing & sales strategy

VIP Plan Pricing Options

We have provided flexible payment plans to suit the various circumstances and lifestyles of our clients.

Looking for a more affordable price for YBA?

We also offer the YBA Basic Plan for a lower price but don't worry! You still get all the live workshops and goodies inside YBA.

Browse the Resource Library

  • 1

    Getting Started

    • 1:1 Support - Getting Started


    • Know the Students You Want to Serve

    • Google Drive Material

  • 2

    Community Building & Growth

    • Creating Your Crystal Clear Roadmap

    • Community Building Workshop

    • Which platforms are right for you?

    • Getting Started: FB Group Clarity

    • Supercharge Your FB Group in 5 minutes

    • Instagram: Setting Yourself Up for Success

    • Focusing your Energy in the Right Places

    • Growing Your Email List with Your FB Group

  • 3

    Engagement & Content Strategy

    • Social Media Marketing, Mindset, and Magic

    • Boost Engagement Workshop

    • Double Your Class Participation by Streamlining

    • Writing BOMB Copy & Messaging

    • Content Planning & Strategy

    • Building Trust Within Your Audience

    • Lead Generation & The Invite Method

    • Help! My FB Group is Quiet!

  • 4

    Offer Creation & Sales

    • What offering should I create?

    • Mapping Out the Details of Your Offering

    • Where do I find private clients?

    • Blueprint for a Successful Yoga Challenge

    • Filling up a waitlist (and what to do with it)

    • Sales Call Script Explained

    • Pitching During a Workshop - Blueprint

    • Collecting Client Testimonials

  • 5

    Email Marketing

    • Setting up Your Email List

    • Growing Your Email List

    • Creating Your Freebie in Canva

    • Creating a Welcome Sequence

    • Common Grammar Mistakes to Avoid

    • Convertkit Tutorial - Setting up your email sequence

    • Advanced Automation - Convertkit Tutorial

  • 6

    Technology Trainings

    • Building Out Your FB Group From Start to Finish

    • Going LIVE on FB | Step-by-step Guide

    • Going Live with a Guest - Streamyard Tutorial

    • Instagram Insights & Analytics

    • Facebook Scheduler

    • Facebook News Feed Targeting

    • Facebook Analytics

    • Ribbon Tutorial - Class Sign-up, Collect Payments, Video Library

    • Setting up a Subscription in Paypal Business

    • Getting Published on Insight Timer

    • Automate Your Sign Up System - Thinkific & Convertkit Tutorial