Basic Plan Pricing Options

We have provided flexible payment plans to suit the various circumstances and lifestyles of our clients.

Yoga Biz Accelerator Basic Plan

Congrats! You're on your way to growing the yoga business of your dreams. The Yoga Biz Accelerator is a space for yoga teachers to grow a sustainable and fulfilling business that suits their lifestyle and goals. Here's what you get inside YBA:

  • 3 months of weekly live workshops, office hours, & mindset coaching to get incredible clear on your business activities

  • Community of other yoga teachers moving through the same business journey as you, facing similar struggles

  • Library of incredble resources and support to create your dream offers, build systems for attracting new students, and learning & implementing marketing & sales strategy

Want to upgrade to the YBA VIP plan?

Upgrade to the VIP plan to receive 1:1 Voxer Support from all 3 of our amazing coaches for the 12 weeks of the Yoga Biz Accelerator

Browse the Resource Library

  • 1

    Getting Started


    • Know the Students You Want to Serve

    • Google Drive Material

  • 2

    Community Building & Growth

    • Creating Your Crystal Clear Roadmap

    • Community Building Workshop

    • Which platforms are right for you?

    • Getting Started: FB Group Clarity

    • Supercharge Your FB Group in 5 minutes

    • Instagram: Setting Yourself Up for Success

    • Focusing your Energy in the Right Places

    • Growing Your Email List with Your FB Group

  • 3

    Engagement & Content Strategy

    • Social Media Marketing, Mindset, and Magic

    • Boost Engagement Workshop

    • Double Your Class Participation by Streamlining

    • Writing BOMB Copy & Messaging

    • Content Planning & Strategy

    • Building Trust Within Your Audience

    • Lead Generation & The Invite Method

    • Help! My FB Group is Quiet!

  • 4

    Offer Creation & Sales

    • What offering should I create?

    • Mapping Out the Details of Your Offering

    • Where do I find private clients?

    • Blueprint for a Successful Yoga Challenge

    • Filling up a waitlist (and what to do with it)

    • Sales Call Script Explained

    • Pitching During a Workshop - Blueprint

    • Collecting Client Testimonials

    • Tracking Income and Expenses

  • 5

    Email Marketing

    • Setting up Your Email List

    • Growing Your Email List

    • Creating Your Freebie in Canva

    • Creating a Welcome Sequence

    • Common Grammar Mistakes to Avoid

    • Convertkit Tutorial - Setting up your email sequence

    • Advanced Automation - Convertkit Tutorial

  • 6

    Technology Trainings

    • Building Out Your FB Group From Start to Finish

    • Going LIVE on FB | Step-by-step Guide

    • Going Live with a Guest - Streamyard Tutorial

    • Instagram Insights & Analytics

    • Facebook Scheduler

    • Facebook News Feed Targeting

    • Facebook Analytics

    • Ribbon Tutorial - Class Sign-up, Collect Payments, Video Library

    • Setting up a Subscription in Paypal Business

    • Getting Published on Insight Timer

    • Automate Your Sign Up System - Thinkific & Convertkit Tutorial